Don’t miss Extant’s new production, Flight Paths!

Two blind women take centre stage sometimes on aerial silks, sometimes with their feet firmly on the ground but always surrounded by voices, music, stories and ghosts.

Click here to find out more about Flight Paths, Extant’s new co-production with Yellow Earth, which is touring in the UK in spring 2019.

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8 Pathways actors posed in a line to depict scenes from movies including using hands as shape of guns, arms folded across chest, reaching ou

Pathways, Year 1, A Scintillating Start

Read a summary of the inaugural year that led to a fantastic presentation in April at RADA Studios here, including a brilliant blog by BAZ Productions, images, and coming soon…. the film of the much praised Pathways event.

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The Engage2Stage cohort pose for a relaxed photo in the lounge area of the Met, Bury. They are wearing black t-shirts with a yellow and oran

Awards all round!

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A tall white man with dark hair and a goatee, stands centre stage in a white t-shirt and beige trousers surrounded by a trim of blue lights

A Bit of a Do

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A group of nine people and a guide dog stand in a circle with high energy in a black box theatre, smiling and laughing wildly

No Dramas!

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Not only is [artistic director Maria Oshodi] someone to watch, she is someone who should be applauded.

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