Don’t miss Extant’s new production, Flight Paths!

Two blind women take centre stage sometimes on aerial silks, sometimes with their feet firmly on the ground but always surrounded by voices, music, stories and ghosts.

Click here to find out more about Flight Paths, Extant’s new co-production with Yellow Earth, which is touring in the UK in spring 2019.

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Three white women sit in an office, working on computers at desks in the centre of the room.

Job Opportunity: General Manager/Operations Manager

Extant is looking for a reliable, friendly and practical-minded General Manager/ Operations Manager to work with us in the short to medium term. 

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A medium close-up of a white woman with cropped dark hair inside and wearing a maroon top.

Our new Chair of the Board: Mary Paterson

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A medium shot of a seated young white woman with dark hair and glasses and a seated mixed-race woman with sunglasses on her head. They are i

Pathways—an end of term report

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A mixed race woman in a red t-shirt supported on yellow aerial silks by two white women. The woman to the left has thin, fair hair and wears

Flight Paths—first block of rehearsals complete

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It was my standout theatre experience of the year

Naomi Alderman, The Guardian